Latin Family Bakery in North Naples

My husband and I stopped in to have lunch at the Latin Family Bakery, a Chilean and Peruvian Restaurant in North Naples. Not really knowing what to expect and with quite a few items on the menu, we were glad when Francisco came over to take our drink order, as we had many questions about the menu. After hearing the different foods, we decided on Seafood Empanada and an order of the Paila Marina (seafood soup) to share and for desert, we had Flan Porcion. YUM, YUM, YUM!

The bread was called Hallulas and was served with their homemade salsa, which had tomatoes, green onions and lots of cilantro. It was pretty spicy but delish!

Francisco then brought out our Empanada Marisco (seafood empanadas) and oh my, they were so good. Even though they were the ‘F’ word (FRIED), they had just been fried and were very light and virtually non-greasy. The seafood smell and taste was out of this world and we totally enjoyed this treat.

Then ┬ámy favorite, the Paila Marina, which is their seafood soup. It had a tomatoe and cream base and was filled with so much seafood and again, that delicious cilantro. Ken and I shared the soup but when we were finished, I told him I probably could have eaten the whole bowl…it was soooo good!!!

The grand finale’ was the Flan Porcion with two spoons. This was probably the best Flan I have ever had and it was the perfect dessert for the perfect meal.

The food was great, as were the prices, the restaurant was clean (as were the bathrooms…my mother always said, the way to tell if a restaurant is clean is to check out their bathrooms). We will definitely be back.

We are like Guy Fieri, we are always on the lookout for a local, family owned restaurant and always wanting to try something new. Now when we have guests come to visit, we know just where we are going to take them.

Thank YOU Francisco and Janet! Lunch was GREAT! – And We’ll Be Back!

The next time you’re planning to eat out, give Latin Family Bakery a try – I promise, you won’t be disappointed. Tell them Beth @ North Naples Living recommended them.

Latin Family Bakery
5435 Airport Road North (Bed, Bath & Beyond Plaza)
Naples, FL 34109

They have a great variety of sandwiches, Empanadas, Cakes, Bread, Desserts and Pastries. Typical South American Food and More


Hallulas and the spicy salsa

Empanda Marisco (seafood Empanda)

Paila Marina

Flan Porcion

The ‘Finished’ Product

Latin Family Bakery on Urbanspoon

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