Loving Hut, North Naples Florida

North Naples FloridaWhat a Name for a North Naples Florida Restaurant!

My husband and I, who live in North Naples Florida, made the decision to go Vegan. The big reason are the health issues that really were not getting better, although we changed our way of eating big time. So we decided to try Vegan – not Vegetarian but Vegan.

We were looking on the internet for Vegan Restaurants in North Naples Florida and found Loving Hut. Now we had noticed the restaurant when on Pine Ridge going to Tamiami Trail, I mean, who wouldn’t notice the big sign saying ‘Loving Hut’! The name really stands out, but we never thought anymore of the restaurant since we were not into Vegan eating. But today, we were and decided to check it out.

‘The foods at Loving Hut are prepared in the Vegan style and reflect the bold and delicious flavors of American, Chinese, Indian, Thai and Vietnamese cuisine. Everything is prepared from scratch daily and only the freshest, premium Vegan ingredients are used. All dishes are free of animal ingredients, no MSG, no milk, no eggs and non GMO. Local organic produce is used when available.’

My husband and I love all kinds of foods, especially vegetables so going Vegan was pretty easy for us. At Loving Hut, I ordered the Indian Curry Soup which was eggplant, basil, sweet potato, carrot, tofu, vegetable protein chunk, bell pepper, green onion, coconut milk & red curry! DELICIOUS!  And my husband ordered the House Rice Clay Pot (Special) which was tofu, shitake mushroom, wood ears mushroom, beans thread, green onion and ginger w/ brown rice. DELICIOUS again!

We shared our entrees’ so we could experience both dishes. You wouldn’t think the bowl of Indiana Curry Soup would be much but when our server brought out our order, the soup bowl was huge and so full of good, curry flavored chunky vegetables. The House Rice Clay Pot was yummy too. The brown rice was on the bottom and covered with the mushrooms, tofu, bean thread, onion and ginger sauce. Oh My!

I told my husband that if all Vegan cooking tasted this good, staying a Vegan would be easy.

The restaurant was very open, nice and clean and the servers were friendly and knowledgeable and always ready to answer any questions about the dishes.

We will definitely bring family and friends to Loving Hut so they can try this wonderful Vegan Cuisine. In fact, tomorrow, we are considering taking our business partners there for lunch!
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The next time you’re in North Naples Florida, be sure to check out Loving Hut on Pine Ridge Road!

2 thoughts on “Loving Hut, North Naples Florida
  1. My husband and I ate at the Loving Hut in Kennesaw,Georgia yesterday. We went Vegan without
    oil five months ago. Needless to say we do not
    eat out much anymore. We were thrilled to find
    a Vegan restaurant. I had the fried rice, Cheesecake and a Kale Smoothie. My husband had
    the curry sweet potato soup. The food was DELICIOUS! We will be regular customers from now on.

  2. Wow Nancy, Thank You for the comment. Big Question. Are you from Marietta Georgia? We still have a home in Jasper Georgia so we know Marietta very well…how did you find my North Naples Living site?

    Thanks again for the comment.


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