Rosedale Brick Oven Pizzeria, North Naples

Just a week before this interview with Joe, my husband and I stopped by Rosedale Brick Oven Pizzeria to check out their lunch. It was fabulous! Their soup of the day was Tomato Bisque, which we both had. I had the grilled Chicken sandwich and my husband had the Rosedale’s Meatball sandwich. Both were excellent, so tasty and oh so filling. I had to take part of mine home! We will definitely be back and will bring our family & friends too!

Today I had the pleasure of meeting owner, Joe Arato of Rosedale Brick Oven Pizzeria . Such a nice person and so service oriented to his customers. He and his best friend, Joseph Gonnelly grew up together in Rosedale, New York and not long ago, decided to open their pizzeria here in North Naples Florida.

There was much planning to this opening as they wanted the place to be very family oriented, where families could come in, have great Italian food and make memories but also they wanted the food to be authentic and taste great and be a value where a family of four could come out and enjoy dinner together. They talked about places where they ate growing up and tried to incorporate the feel, the look and the foods from their childhood, as they had many of their own great memories.

Joe says they totally feel that they have accomplished this inspiration and have already started helping to make family memories. He told me about three little girls who love to come there and eat. They love it so much that the second time they came in, they each wanted to give Joe a $5 bill for a tip! He told them he couldn’t take their money but they insisted so what he did was to take one of the $5 bills, had them write ‘Good Luck’ on it and each one signed it. He now has it taped to the wall at the front. He told them that this $5 bill will be there until the ‘building falls down’ and he hopes that when they are grown, they will bring their families into Rosdales and show them the $5 bill.

I thought that was such a great memory!

And he told me he remembered another time when a grandfather and grandson came into the restaurant and the grandfather pointed to a picture on the wall of boxcars in New York and told his grandson a story about how he used to ride the boxcar. What Joe said was the grandson (who was fairly young) would probably never remember where they ate, never remember where they were but will probably always remember, when he sees a boxcar, the story that his grandfather told him.

Good memories are being made every day at Rosedale Brick Oven Pizzeria.

And the food is so wonderful! My husband and I ate there for lunch last week and the portion was plentiful and excellent Italian. Their soup special that day was Tomato Bisque and it was out of this world. I had a cup but could have gone for a bowl and only had that along with the yummy bread, which Joe told me is hand baked by his partner, Joe!

He says their best selling pizza is the Margherita, which is prepared with San Marzano tomatoes, fresh mozzarella and basil, and drizzled with extra virgin olive oil. Boasting the three colors of the Italian flag – red (tomatos), white (Mozzarella) and green (basil) – the pizza was invented in the late 1700 for the visit to Naples by Italy’s Queen Margherita of Savoy, the wife of Italy’s second king, Umberto I.

Their second most favorite pizza is the Italiano which has the San Marzano tomatoes, sliced pepperoni and hot Italian sausage with roasted red peppers, and fresh mozzarella cheese.

And the third most popular pizza is the Chicken Rustica which is grilled marinated chicken, fresh mozzarella cheese, roasted garlic, fresh basil and EVOO. Topped with chopped Romaine and imported Parmigiano Reggiano.

Baked in their authentic wood-fired brick oven, with its flames in view, you can watch the pizza chefs prepare your meal, using only the finest imported and local ingredients to ensure your meal tastes the best. Don’t expect Fast Food at Rosedale because everything is made to order and the little bit of a wait is well worth it!

But don’t forget the pastas! Served in the European tradition of mixing your favorite sauce with your favorite pasta you will get freshly shaved, imported Parmigiano-Reggiano served right at your tableside.

The most requested pasta dish is the Alla Vodka, a house special where they crush the imported Neapolitan Roma tomatoes, saute’ the garlic, along with imported prosciutto, cream and a touch of vodka! Yum!

With the family atmosphere at Rosedale’s, family and friends will have a great place come to where they can meet and socialize while having an excellent, affordable Italian dinner.  Don’t forget the delicious desserts too!

When you try Rosedale Brick Oven Pizzeria, be sure to ask for Joe, you’ll get either Joe Arato or Joe Gonnelly and either one will make you feel like family!


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