Salt Cave, Naples, Florida

Courtesy of Andrea Geresdi, Naples Salt Cave

What is the Salt Cave? (The salt cave is something like an oasis of fresh air in the heavily polluted environment in which we live in). Have you seen it on Tamiami Trail but never stopped by to check it out (me!) or maybe you are a customer of the Salt Cave and know everything about it. Hopefully, this article will tell you everything you ever wanted to know about the Salt Cave in Naples Florida.

Salt has the same fundamental importance for our life as water. We could not survive without either of them. But there is a huge difference between salt in its original form, as it has crystallized in the Earth over millions of years, and ‘regular’ table salt. Wholesome, natural salt has been used as a holistic remedy for centuries. Table salt, on the other hand, is nothing more than sodium chloride with additives: a substance that-through industrial processing – become one of our worst enemies.

The very nice and sweet owner, Andrea Geresdi (along with Beth Compton in this picture) will take you around and show the you anything and everything you ever wanted to know about the Salt Cave.  She will answer your questions and help you to better understand what the Salt Cave can do for you.  Andrea had a dream to own her own business and in fact opened an Organic Food Store, which didn’t go. She wanted something that was her’s, that she could be a part of and help others. One evening, she figured it out and went to her husband and said, ‘I got it’! and it was the Salt Cave! ‘Opening the Salt Cave was a result of Andrea’s sincere dedication to finding alternative and natural ways to health.’

Ready to celebrate her second year in business in Naples this September, she has a thriving business of helping others to feel less stressed, get a better grip on their issues and be ready and able to accept being balanced! Be sure to check back to her website for the upcoming event that will be happening in the first week or so of September; their 2nd year celebration.

Don’t think that you can go into the Salt Cave and in one session, your issues are cured! Not going to happen. But, if you have an open mind and your first session shows an improvement that you have not not seen in a while, then your best bet is to continue the program and see if what you are experiencing will help your total being. ‘You have to be the judge of that – it’s how YOU feel’. If you go into a session and you feel like you got something from it and want to go another round, sign up. But if you do a session, and it does nothing for you and you have no relief from your issues, then of course, you are not required to come back.

It is all pretty much up to you and what you get out of the session. But, if you go in with an issue and you get relief from that issues, isn’t it worth another session or two to see how much better you’re going to feel? With anything in life, it may take several  sessions to make sure that it works! Right?

Andrea offers additional services besides Halotherapy ( the therapeutic use of salt mines or caves or other forms of exposure to salt air and the main focus of their her business), there are Body Wraps, Infrared Sauna, VIP Light Therapy, Honey Detox, Salt Scrub, Salt Massage, Ionic Detox Footbath, Facial Skin Care, Acupuncture, Yoga, Meditation, and Salt Products, just to name a few.

So get down to see Andrea at the Salt Cave located at 4962 Tamiami Trail North, Naples, FL and give yourself some much needed Salt Therapy.

You can get a lot of your questions answered by going to Andrea’s website at and checking our the site. Any additional questions you might have, just talk with Andrea, she’ll be more than happy to help you out.

Did you know: Himalayan crystal salt contains 84 minerals and trace elements essential for optimum health?

I was able to view the Salt Cave with the salt on the floor, the ‘cave like’ room the chairs around and you could just feel the difference in the air inside the room. I said to my husband, who has sinus issues, let’s try a session or two and see how you feel. He is more than happy to try the Salt Cave to see if that can help his sinus problems. We will report on his findings…

Thank You Andrea for taking the time to show me around the inside and the outside of the Salt Cove, explaining to me what your purpose is with the Salt Cave and how you help others with their issues via ‘alternative medical’ solutions.

PS I did purchase two Salt Lamps for our home, one for my husband’s office (where he spends a great deal of time each day) and one for our kitchen, dining room, living room area. I want to help the inside of our home to help us as much as we can and here is my first start!

Off Hwy 41 aka Tamiami Trail North

Inside the store

Andrea at the door of the Salt Cave

Pictures inside the Salt Cave

Andrea and Tiffany

Andrea and Beth

Our Salt Lamp for the Kitchen/Dining/Living Room

Salt Lamp for my husband’s office


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